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Urgent Care Interface

Provide industry-leading patient experience, treat more patients & lower administrative costs...

Care Navigation at Urgent Care Centers

In spite of so much data on the internet, or more precisely "noise" around, most of the times, patients are still not aware which is the right care setting for their care need, especially when the need is much more urgent. Whilst many health systems offer a range of urgent and emergency care services to deal with the need for unscheduled or immediate care, patients are finding it challenging to navigate.

Even for the health systems, one factor that can positively drive all the operational metrics is the ability to navigate patients to the right care setting at the right time, every single time, while taking into myriads of factors like the actual medical need, severity or urgency of the concern, patient location, non-emergency or emergency medical transport, insurance coverage, and many more...


What is Urgent Care Interface?

An intuitive, omnichannel interface between patients and the urgent care facilities of health systems, available 24x7

A virtual personal assistant answering your patients' queries on your digital as well as conventional mediums, this technology triages the care need, navigates patients between emergency, in-person urgency & virtual urgent care, guides them through the intake, and acts as a personal concierge to the patients till the care is fully delivered!


Higher positive reviews by patients who are navigated through the Urgent Care Interface


Lower administrative cost for patients that are navigated through the Urgent Care Interface


Reduction in revenue leakage from no-shows & patients switching to different provider

Features of Urgent Care Interface

Urgent Care Navigation

The Urgent Care Interface has a state-of-the-art medical triaging capability for adults and pediatric patients to understand the precise urgent care need and navigate to the right type of urgent care - regular urgent care, pediatric urgent care, orthopedic urgent care, gynecology care or even virtual urgent care

Personalized for your organization's data


Insurance Acceptance Verification & Eligibility

To avoid the hassles of patient's insurance not being accepted or not eligible for urgent care consultation or treatment, our technology pre-verifies the insurance acceptance & even eligibility with just a scan of the. patient's insurance card. This not only reduces the leakage of revenue, but also improves patient experience significantly by optimizing the visits.
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Patient financial guidance

The most Intuitive payment platform for patients to get an overview of their medical bill for the medical charges and estimating the copayment amounts, pay partially with easy payment plans and reminders, in turn, reducing claim denials as well as unpaid bills...

Bill Prepayment

An advanced AI algorithm to estimate the accurate bill amount for most common procedures and motivating patients for a part or full pre-payment of medical bills to reduce uncompensated care and bad debts
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Why is Urgent Care Interface essential?


Post-pandemic Challenges for Urgent Care facilities


Urgent Care facilities: How to compete & coexist with retail clinics?

What makes Urgent Care Interface a unique technology for health systems?


Conversational AI

All our offerings are powered by a unique conversational AI framework that make it intuitive & natural for patients to engage with

Virtual Triage

Our price transparency solution is tightly knit with our medical triaging algorithm that understands the care need accurately


Our platform has a comprehensive understanding of payors & plans with a detailed view of the plan benefits

Price Transparency

Our AI understands the medical procedures that are part of HCPCS & CPT® and an ability to identify the cost estimate accurately

Secure and trusted

Care Interface’s platform meets the highest certification standards for data security, privacy, and integrity, keeping your data safe.


We’re SOC-2 certified, HIPAA-certified, and independently audited on a routine basis.


Our platform is compliant with HIPAA, STU-3 & IHE profiles, and we’re a trusted partner to most major EMRs.


We’ve gone through rigorous security certifications from government agencies and other leading healthcare organizations.

Want to see the solution in action?

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