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Care Interface

Value-Based Care Navigation and Orchestration technology to Improve Outcomes

Connected Care Framework to address the whole person needs, improve care outcomes and drive metrics in Value-Based Care. Our technology that navigates real-time, addresses Social Determinants of Health autonomously, augments the work of community and care teams, and constantly orchestrates to deliver better outcomes for Medicaid, Medicare Enrollees 

Care Interface orchestration platform identifies  barriers to access, Social, behavioral, literacy, barriers etc and orchestrates to real-time proactively address these by right navigation, engagement, and nudging the right care team member to support the unique needs of people where disparities exist.​
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Bridging the Health equity gaps at scale  

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A first-of-its-kind autonomous personalized interactive navigation, care orchestration technology for care teams to better understand the members and their communities, build and maintain relationships at scale, work together with members toward shared goals, and drive action and accountability simultaneously. 

Our product enables organizations to:

  • Proactively, autonomously and periodically identify social and health needs among its members,

  • Maintain culturally resonant engagement,

  • Monitor health, medication adherence, identify and close care gaps 

  • Nudge the right stakeholders like PCPs, CHWs, BH, Case managers to intervene or address their needs,

  • Repeatably measure the outcomes to adjust risk trajectories and

  • Save costs and improve outcomes

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State and County Health Departments

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Payer Groups

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Health systems,

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Let’s build person-centered care together


Value Based Care Orchestration Technology

Care Interface incorporates artificial intelligence, behavioral science, and data science to engage and navigate Medicaid, Medicare members to the right care while automating the most time-consuming VBC operations. Providing the full picture of each patient at the point of care and the key social needs which when met can impact the health most to each of the care team members from field community health workers to primary care physicians and population health teams. 

Tap on to granular data for SDoH 
using Care Interface multilingual, omnichannel voice and chat products

Periodic continuous engagement with Medicaid, Medicare members for Data Capture on high acuity Social Needs Domains.

Generate deeper population data insights outside of the clinical setting and EMR 

The Digital Technology and Human-in-loop driven approach to driving outcomes

Care Interface powers virtual-first engagement models, value-based business models, and patient-centric experiences for health systems, health centers, MCOs, Health Plans and ACOs. Dynamically route members to the most appropriate care access point based upon the predicted value, timely intervention, provider preferences, efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction, while maximizing the care outcomes.

Lower Medicaid & Medicare Costs

Lowering Spend by improving member health: regular PCP visits, regular screenings, medication adherence checks, and closed-loop approach to meet the social and health needs

Reduce ED Visits & Hospitalizations

Our Care Orchestration and regular SDoH capture model provides intervention at the right time to the right members to reduce Emergency Department visits and avoid hospitalizations 

Improve Care Outcomes

Improving outcomes by mapping and identifying the top priority social needs which can impede the health outcomes and nudging the right team member at the right time to close the gaps.


Integrates with

  • Population Health Platforms

  • Member Database

  • Electronic Health Records

  • Social referral platforms

  • + many more


With integrations to the analytics, point of care platforms and social needs referral platforms our technology makes it up and running in no time, while the care teams and internal teams immediately benefit from a streamlined and consistent workflow. Reduce your team’s internal technical effort for integration and deployment by supporting a variety of standards and interfaces out of the box including HL7, FHIR), and SFTP, or REST API

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Security and Privacy built for healthcare 

Care Interface is built with the complexities of healthcare data security in mind. Secure and compliant with industry regulations like HIPAA privacy rules, SOC2 compliance, Oauth 4way security, and end-to-end encryption. Designed for regulatory compliance, so your team can focus on more human-like issues – like delivering an exceptional patient experience.

Why Care Interface?

A digital & human in loop approach to
bridging health equity 

Battle-tested reliability

Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable

Continuously improving platform

We release several advancements and features each quarter and improvements each year to help you stay ahead of industry shifts.

Intelligent optimisations

Our machine learning models train on billions of data points and help increase outcomes, experience, and revenue across VBC programs

Know about our Enterprise Scale Implementation process

Know how we can add value to your Medicaid, Medicare Value-based programs


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