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Social Determinants of Health and Value Based Care - by the numbers

Recommended Screening Tool

Care Interface Social Determinants of Health Screening tool is adapted from over 12 screening questionnaires covering 5 key SOCIAL NEED DOMAINS 0) Socio-Demographic Information (Race & ethnicity, educational attainment, family income level, immigration status, languages spoken) 1) Food 2) Housing 3) Transportation 4) Interpersonal Violence or Exposure To Violence 5) Utility Needs 7 optional domains like: Childcare


Financial Resource Strain,

Behavioral/ Mental Health

Health Behaviors

Social Isolation & Supports Employment

  • Has been built on Behavioral science on the optimum reach out time, duration, medium and context to maximize the SDoH screening and capture

  • 38+ Languages

  • Low bandwidth access In the preferred Channel - sms or call

  • Conversational Engagement, linguistic and cultural competence

  • HIPAA compliant, Highly secure and end to end encrypted

  • Learning more about each individual and passing context to drive actions for CHWs and PCPs

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