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Outsource Addressing Social Needs for your members 

Build trusted relationships with your members, drive outcomes with better adherence to visits, care plans and medications. Save Costs, Improve wellbeing
Tech driven high fidelity human connection to fix SDoH trusted personal connections with your members or patients

Technology driven personalized screening

Evidence-Based Personalization

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Voice calls and text messages driven evidence driven social determinants of health screening. Identifying previously unidentified needs several of which your members or patients feel most comfortable to tell our empathetic bot in their own language and channel of choice.

We automatically map needs to optimal services using more than 50 evidence-based matching algorithms and filter results by critical access factors like COVID-19 operating status, location, language(s) spoken, documents needed and other eligibility requirements.


Highly Trained Community Health Partners

Sourced from the same communities, high fidelity touchpoints with your members/patients. Recruited for empathy, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, accountability, and tenacity
Our on-demand CHW workforce for your organization Build and nurture trusting relationships on behalf of your brand.
Connect members/patients to social services and resources
Engage patients with motivational interviewing, coaching, education and skills-building

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A complete view of each patient’s lived experience

Comprehensive risk assessment
User-centered design
Capture 360° clinical and non-clinical data Seamless coordination and accountability
Proven patient engagement tools
Continuous real-time contact
Focus on quality

Deep Focus On Intervention Results

Our technology and Community health partners go beyond identifying if a referral’s loop was closed. We enable all stakeholders to monitor and track every aspect of the referral – from process tracking to detailed outcomes – to drive and measure engagement, performance and impact.


Our Platform helps MCO's Provider Network / care teams better understand the members and their communities, build and maintain relationships at scale, work together with members toward shared goals, and drive action and accountability simultaneously. 



Outsource management of Social determinants of health for all your members

  • Personalized conversational interview 
  • Low internet bandwidth access, multichannel and multilingual
  • Increase more Medicaid and Dual members engaged in their health 
  • Address SDoH and evolving social needs
  • Build trusted relationships by capturing the complete lived experience of your members and addressing the SDoH in time
By connecting and deeply integrating over a thousand clinical source systems with ongoing patient-generated data, our PRAPARE Standard SDoH screening and AI triaging technology captures the evolving needs, navigates them timely to the right resource and avoids costly episodes by maintaining a regular cadence of contact with patients and providers to identify and address individual needs
Medicaid, Medicare and Dual
  • Navigating through the social barriers, behaviour barriers, literacy barriers to build trusted relationships and getting members to timely consultations and preventative screenings
  • User-friendly for all literacy levels and all age groups and even the older population too
  • Navigating to the right care setting and navigating to in-network providers 
  • Navigating through insurance, Our technology makes sure the factors outside the clinical setting are 
Care Interface platform has inbuilt triaging capability to outreach your members, nudge the care team with the current health of the member and navigate your members to the right in network Primary care, behavioural health specialists, OB-GYN, Pediatricians and more. 

Care Orchestration

Delivering integrated medical, behavioral health, and social care requires managing complex and high-scale logistics for each member and community you serve.

Technology that periodic checks the health of your members, provides coaching, adherence checks and timely intervention nudges to both the care teams and patients to improve outcome metrics.
Fine-tune measurement through task management. Care Interface allows this to happen within the EHR with an intuitive plugin for all EMRs
  • Increase in higher preventable screenings utilization rate and increase in wellness visits
  • Lower ER rates and ER episodes for the medicaid and Dual enrolled members

Driving Results in Managed Care Contracts


Increase more Medicaid and Dual members engaged in their health


Increase in higher preventable screenings utilization rate and increase in wellness visits


Lower ER rates and lower ER episodes for the Medicaid and dual enrolled members


Improvement in Care Plan adherence rate
By addressing the social needs, medical factors and patient preferences

Seamless interoperability to orchestrate realtime

Care Interface is designed to work with your existing systems
Managed Care database, HIEs and more



Ready to reduce risks and drive better outcomes?

Let’s meet to discuss how we can support your specific needs.

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