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Whole person care 
for complex need 

Care Interface supplements existing health plan infrastructure with the appropriate solutions to support complex-needs individuals.
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Scalable implementation of Care Interface’s full-stack health plan operating platform works in harmony with your existing offerings. Our experts bring exactly enough support to suit your member's unique needs — filling gaps and adding strengths to provide complete service for you and your members.
Together we can change how complex needs patients receive care

How does Care Interface function with Health Plans?

We believe in delivering high-quality comprehensive healthcare to systemically underserved communities.

We serve

We work with health insurance plans to manage their Medicare Advantage and Medicaid members who have complex care needs, are structurally at risk and experiencing thousands of dollars a year in potentially avoidable emergency room services and healthcare procedures. These populations often have chronic healthcare conditions whose care is complicated by upstream systemic factors like housing, economic stability, social supports, and behavioral health access.

What we do

We bring together a purpose-built technology to identify, manage social, clinical needs and an integrated team of primary care doctors, social workers, behavioral health specialists, nurses, and care managers to help these members take control of their health on their own terms. We deliver care in the community, virtually or digitally, and we see many of our members multiple times a week.

How we build a financially sustainable business

We charge a minimal Per member per month fee to manage the health. When they have better health outcomes, costs go down across the board. Care Interface structures the contract in such a way that we then shares those savings with the health plans. That means we succeed when the outcomes for the members are improved.

We offer essential technology infrastructure, and supplement existing care infrastructure with virtual care and community-based resources to drive outcomes for complex need patients.

360° understanding of the member's health

Navigation and care delivery

Continous Orchestration

Our Platform helps MCO's Provider Network / care teams better understand the members and their communities, build and maintain relationships at scale, work together with members toward shared goals, and drive action and accountability simultaneously. 

We’re member-first, community-oriented, and trauma-informed. Our populations face systemic barriers to engaging in healthcare, making it hard to deliver meaningful and consistent care. We’re taking advantage of the best direct-to-consumer acquisition and growth technology tactics to deliver a high-trust, low-friction, concierge-like healthcare service that stretches both online and offline.

Care Orchestration

Navigating the members to specialty care at your in-network health systems we supplement the existing clinical infra and close the gaps outside of the clinical settings. 

Our Technology continues to manage the needs with periodic triage, checks the health of your members, provides coaching, adherence checks, medication reconciliation data, and timely intervention nudges to both the in-network care teams as well as our virtual teams to improve outcome metrics.
Fine-tune measurement through task management. Care Interface allows this to happen within the EHR with an intuitive plugin for all EMRs
Our technology autonomously captures and identifies all the critical needs including social, clinical, mental health etc, and nudges our care team to address these needs in time. By addressing the social barriers from time to time our team builds the essential wrapper of trust in the member communities. Which then translates to timely care appointments and then outcomes. Our interdisciplinary team includes Registered Nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Community Health Partners, and other clinicians who bring multiple perspectives and expertise to care plan design. For care 

Driving Outcomes for complex need members

Engage more members — including those who have previously declined an in-home health evaluation — and proactively identify risks and interdependencies. Through our proprietary technology platform, health plans and community-based organizations can coordinate and manage members’ non-clinical needs.


Increase more Medicaid and Dual members engaged in their health


Increase in higher preventable screenings utilization rate and increase in wellness visits


Lower ER rates and lower ER episodes for the Medicaid and dual enrolled members


Improvement in Care Plan adherence rate
By addressing the social needs, medical factors and patient preferences

Seamless interoperability to orchestrate realtime

Care Interface is designed to work with or without an EMR integration. We integrate with NextGen, Epic, GE Centricity, Greenway Intergy, and AthenaHealth, in addition to patient population health tools.

Also Integrates with Member Database and Population health platforms of your MCO


Ready to reduce risks and drive better outcomes?

Let’s meet to discuss how we can support your specific needs.

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