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Care Guidence Interface

Navigate patients to the right level of care through symptom checking, medical triaging & intelligent care routing

Our care guidance platform is rooted in evidence-based clinical care best practices, data-driven logic and decisions, and designed to support consumer behavior across all channels (digital, telephonic, etc.)

Defining and systemizing care guidance for self-service consumers and making it centrally accessible online and by phone allowing your health system to meet consumer needs and expectations and serve to aid in the capture of new business and support retaining existing patients.


An intuitive, omnichannel care interface 

The virtual personal assistant answering your patients' queries on your digital as well as conventional mediums, this technology triages the care need, navigates patients to the right level of primary care, optimizes access, guides them through the intake, follows up and acts as an ongoing personal concierge to the patients.



New patients to health system


NPS - Consumers experience a better care navigation and overall visit 


more Same day appointments by Access optimization between virtual and in-person visits and various types of primary care providers


Reduced per patient encounter


min from search to appointment

Features of Primary Care Interface

Autonomous Navigation

By connecting and deeply integrating over a thousand clinical source systems with ongoing patient-generated data, our AI triaging technology is trained on millions of data points to navigate to the right level of primary care, scouring the primary care providers availabilities system wide to meet the existing and new patient needs, and making the best use of primary care modality whether virtual, in the clinic, or in the home

Personalized for your organization's data


Insurance Acceptance Verification & Eligibility

To avoid the hassles of patient's insurance not being accepted or not eligible for the type of primary care visit, our technology pre-verifies the insurance acceptance & even eligibility with just a scan of the. patient's insurance card. This not only reduces the leakage of revenue, but also improves patient experience significantly by optimizing the visits.

Proactive Followup and Screening

The most Intuitive population health data and SDoH data points based platform for followup on chronic health conditions, at risk cases, geriatric care patients and much more. Allows primary care providers to asynchronously scale the continnum of care outside of the care setting and get notified regularly on the patient's health and when to draw the next appointment.
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Personalized Intake

An advanced AI algorithm to dynamically screen patients and capture the finer details based on 43+ factors in less than 12 questions to deliver a comprehensive case summary to the Primary care provider enabling an efficient consultation experience

Best Suited for driving outcomes , experience and revenues


Conversational AI

All our offerings are powered by a unique conversational AI framework that make it intuitive & natural for patients to engage with

Care Triaging

Our medical consitions and symptoms triage technology navigates the patients in the most optimal questions to the right care provider

No Differential diagnosis
No Self care advise


Our platform has a comprehensive understanding of payors & plans with a detailed view of the plan benefits

Price Transparency

Our AI understands the medical procedures that are part of HCPCS & CPT® and an ability to identify the cost estimate accurately

Secure and trusted

Care Interface’s platform meets the highest certification standards for data security, privacy, and integrity, keeping your data safe.


We’re SOC-2 certified, HIPAA-certified, and independently audited on a routine basis.


Our platform is compliant with HIPAA, STU-3 & IHE profiles, and we’re a trusted partner to most major EMRs.


We’ve gone through rigorous security certifications from government agencies and other leading healthcare organizations.

Want to see the solution in action?

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