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Implementation you can rely on

Expedited meets expertise

Care Interface implementation is full-service, streamlined, and designed to complement your existing VBC programs or even suitable for those starting from scratch. Our integration is proven, battle-tested, and requires minimal lift from your IT resources


Tried and true implementation process

Our Implementation team and Customer Success team will support you every step of the way, from initial platform configuration to ongoing adoption and support in adapting to your health system's unique business pathways and patient needs

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Care interface integrates with all EHRs, social programs referral software, and population health analytics solutions, etc consolidating your VBC programs orchestration across systems.

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Ease up the processes involved to bridge health equity 

An integrated person-centered approach to care with personalized automated data capture, care coordination and enhance communication between various stakeholders tasks and orchestrate with the right care team member 

Professional services

Dedicated team, nimble support

Proactive iterations and improvements to the deployed projects. Our technology team constantly improvises the navigation algorithms, operational pathways, and data architectures to provide the best care experience and efficiency on the deployed projects. With several new advancements and features developed by our team, you would always be future proof

Have unique implementation needs? Not a problem. Our experienced professional services team will join you onsite, get you up and running with minimal lift and stay with your team through a rigorous testing process.

Secure, compliant, certified

Our experienced security team draws on deep experience from the fields of finance, technology, and national security to apply the highest level of protection to healthcare data. Beyond maintaining core compliance standards, our approach proactively targets the top security risks for healthcare providers and prioritizes resiliency, data protection, and transparency.

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