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Care Interface

The next generation omni-channel interface between members and the payer organizations




Comprehensive member navigation from care need to getting back to health

Enabling a consistent, medically aware, personalized care navigation platform for members, round the clock is no more a choice for payers. With the consumer expectations in healthcare and costs to serve ever-rising, payers can now provide a member experience rivaled to the retail industry, through Care Interface.

With zero learning curve, no behavioral change, no app downloads ever, and an ever-available omnichannel interface, payers can navigate members to the right care setting, providing a superior experience.

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01. Medical Navigation

Robust Natural language processing and vast clinical taxonomy allows patients to talk about not only their symptoms but medical conditions, treatment needs etc. Medical Triage and interview algorithms navigate members in finding the right care provider in the care setting.

02. High Value and Low cost

We understand the complexity of Integrated delivery networks hence we built our operational algorithms to find the in-network services at the lowest cost possible

03. Financial Navigation

Our AI technology also allows members to know costs while making care decisions. See cost estimates, before you make an appointment for an office visit, test or procedure


Member navigation at scale

The most distinguished care navigation platform ever. The promise of a Digital Front Door solution is revolutionary if fulfilled! The success of such an implementation lies in the comprehensiveness of the solution, and its ability to address these 3 aspects and Care Interface is built on these very 3 tenets.

Digital Front Door Care Interface

Unprecedented visibility into the patterns, preferences & needs of your "members"

Care Interface incorporates artificial intelligence, behavioral science, and data science to navigate your members to the right care setting while automating your most time-consuming frontline operations. Each member touchpoint generates anonymized insights for your enrollment, claims, marketing teams.

Risk Stratify your members as their day to day dynamics change due to social determinants or pandemic or employment  and more

Generate deeper member data insights throughout their health journies

Tap on to granular data for SDoH 
using Care Interface multilingual, omnichannel voice and chat products

Reducing healthcare spending and costs
While Driving better Outcomes

Care Interface powers virtual-first engagement models, value-based business models, and patient-centric experiences for payer groups. Dynamically route members to the most appropriate care access point based upon the predicted value, consumer preferences, provider preferences, efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction, while maximizing the care outcomes.

Optimized care

Using robust data, Care Interface Virtual Assistants guide members to the best primary care physicians and specialists based on experience, quality, and cost-efficiency. It’s the first step to helping your people get the quality care they deserve.

Better health outcomes

By combining robust provider quality data with personalized support, Care Interface is able to build trust with members. It’s this level of trust that allows our teams to better influence healthcare decisions and help improve outcomes.

Reduced healthcare waste and costs

Care Interface addresses key efficiency and cost issues associated with healthcare by helping your members receive the best, most relevant care. By improving the timing and type of care members receive, Care Interface reduces healthcare waste and costs.

Security and Privacy built for healthcare 

Care Interface is built with the complexities of healthcare data security in mind. Secure and compliant with industry regulations like HIPAA privacy rules, SOC2 compliance, Oauth 4way security, and end-to-end encryption. Designed for regulatory compliance, so your team can focus on more human-like issues – like delivering an exceptional patient experience.

Why Care Interface?

A digital-first approach to navigation

Battle-tested reliability

Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable

Continuously improving platform

We release several advancements and features each quarter and improvements each year to help you stay ahead of industry shifts.

Intelligent optimisations

Our machine learning models train on billions of data points and help increase outcomes, experience and revenue across conversion channels

Know about our Enterprise Scale Implementation process

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Know how we can add value to your existing and new members 


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