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Performance Benchmarking Dashboard for Community Health Centers & PCAs

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Care Interface Health Centre Benchmarking Dashboard

This dashboard provides key metrics data analysis to help community health centers more effectively plan, track performance, understand key drivers, and incorporate operational insights for financial sustainability.
Benchmarking is the process of reporting data within a comparative context, allowing health center leadership to better interpret performance outcomes and make financial management decisions accordingly.


Get all the key performance metrics in one place - Benchmarking Dashboard

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Generated from similar health Centres in the same area or by comparing them to a larger group of practices from across the country. The Data points available in the standard free of cost view are: 
Top 10% Grantees Benchmarked Data points -

  • Avg number of patients treated, 

  • Race/Ethnicity of Patients treated, Gender,

  • Age, Percentage of patients by Services Offered

  • Vs your Clinic

​State and Nation Wide Grantees Benchmarked Data points -

  • Percentage of patients by Screenings or Followups,

  • Avg number of patients treated, 

  • Race/Ethnicity of Patients treated, Gender, Age,

  • Percentage of patients by Services Offered Vs your Clinic

Our Other Product Modules


FQHC's best opportunities to act upon

Drive the key metrics improvement with Advanced Action driven insights based on real time data tailored to your FQHC. Track them monthly with the each to act upon Clinical programs and personalized outreach by Care Interface products


Automate Pre visit medical, SDoH screening and Navigation

Automate PRAPARE Standard SDoH screening and AI based medical screening through our Omnichannel easy to understand conversational chat technology to capture the evolving needs, navigate patients timely to the right resource and avoids costly episodes by maintaining a regular cadence of contact with patients and providers to identify and address individual needs


Care Orchestration
and Point of Care nudges

Automate specific medical area based health checks, health coaching, social needs that can impact outcomes, adherence checks and timely intervention nudges to both the care teams and patients to improve outcome metrics

Secure, compliant, certified

Our experienced security team draws on deep experience from the fields of finance, technology, and national security to apply the highest level of protection to healthcare data. Beyond maintaining core compliance standards, our approach proactively targets the top security risks for healthcare providers and prioritizes resiliency, data protection, and transparency.

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Integrations with

Our Care Orchestration products integrates with leading EHR systems, social referral tools and analytics systems like

EHR integrations allow triggering and capturing the SDoH data and medical data into your EHR systems for ease of access to your Care teams

Social Referral tools allow your Case management, coordination and Primary care teams to refer patients for their Social needs to Aunt Bertha or Unite us listed social resources personalized for a patient



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Demo Video FQHC

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