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Individualized care for each person, delivered when and where they need it

Care Interface works with hospital systems and regional health plans to address complex care needs of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Members

Building the future of complex care

We take care of the factors affecting health outside of the clinical settings both medical as well as social to together drive outcomes and share cost savings with health plans and health systems

Care Interface supplements existing care infrastructure with purpose-built technology, virtual and community-based resources tailored to enable health systems and health plans to provide the exact level of support that's needed for the management and delivery of care for every member.

Social needs: Housing Stability

Social Support

Social needs: Transportation Support

Health System Resource Navigation

Social needs Navigation

Caregiver / Team Engagement

Maternal Health

Behavioural Health

Built-to-extend health beyond your health system 

Scalable platform to extend your clinical care beyond the four walls, in harmony with your existing offerings. Our experts bring exactly enough support to suit your unique needs — filling gaps and adding strengths to provide complete service for your patients.

A built-to-suit health plan solution

Scalable implementation of Care Interface’s full-stack health plan operating platform works in harmony with your existing offerings. Our experts bring exactly enough support to suit your unique needs — filling gaps and adding strengths to provide complete service for you and your members.

A proactive process that spans each member’s experience

We help you serve complex, high-need communities.

Root Cause Analysis - Identifying Needs
With evidence drive mechanisms

Understands the Engages, Onboards and assesses risks
both clinical as well as social

Digital technology Always-on Triage to assess the needs and indexes them realtime into the level of priority 

Navigating the patient or member to the right social and clinical care resources within the community.
Closing the loop with constant management. Guiding through their care plan and track progress towards their goals.

Adherence management 
and Followups to improve care plan compliance, address evolving issues, compliance issues, medication reconciliation and 
stopping them from slipping through the cracks

A modern technology platform enables everything we do

Our full-stack health plan operating platform gives us the flexibility needed to integrate with our partners and seamlessly exchange data to develop key insights that we can deliver directly to the point of care.


Proactive approach to addressing gaps

Personalized Conversations to drive trust with patients and proactive approach to addressing SDoH, avoiding potential embarrassment in seeking help and closing clinical gaps in time

Artificial Intelligence 

Our proprietary Medical triage in 4th to 6th grade reading levels as well as highly accessible without internet or even through calls allows us to access most real time data of medicare advantage patients to to address the needs and put the human in loop when and where most needed. Learning to drive our predictive models across our vast data assets

Data Management

Our platform has extensive capability to ingest, clean, normalize, and distribute various data types built upon a modern data lake that can store internally and 3rd-party-generated data in its original format


Our flexible, cloud-first technology foundation allows us to interchangeably leverage major 3rd party solutions without being tied to any specific vendor

Machine Learning

From understanding the member needs
to incorporating behavioral science we use machine learning algorithms to improve the workflow and optimize the digital + human touchpoints.


Behavioral science in engaging with members or patients which allows us to predict when a member is about to be disengaged or why certain gaps are there

Technology-driven approach to drive outcomes, backed by modern science


We engage members using behavioral science and psychology that tailors sequence, cadence, and team composition directly towards each member’s needs.

Through innovative technology, expertise, and support, Care Interface advances patient-centered healthcare and reduces cost for underserved and complex populations.

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Together we can change how complex needs patients receive care.

Care Interface works with insurance product leadership across health plans and health systems to provide a streamlined process for launching new insurance product solutions and improve outcomes.

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