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Bridge the Health Equity Gaps for your Medicaid and Medicare

Care Navigation powered by SDoH data that eliminates silos by proactively engaging with vulnerable populations and connecting them with the right care providers, with hospitals and clinics to support the unique needs of people where disparities exist.


You have the at-risk population analytics
now what? 

Bridge the Care Gaps with scalable personalized screening, navigation, and coordination

Socially disadvantaged racial, ethnic, and other population groups, and communities experience a wide array of problems in understanding when to seek care, navigating healthcare, and managing their medical needs. Causing discontinuity of care or unable to point when or where to seek care from resulting in much costly episodes of care as well as suboptimal outcomes of care
A misunderstanding or lack of information about the health care system and a lack of health literacy
Socioeconomic, cultural, more than racial, barriers to care
Lack of personal accountability for health and health care
Difficulty with insurance, including coverage, accessibility, stability, and choices

Augment your SDoH Screening and Care management for Medicaid-Medicare patients at Scale 

Capture Social Determinants of Health data Accurately, periodically And Completely in 38+ languages
Medical needs screening, triaging, and mapping algorithms to map the social acquity to the medical needs and nudge the right team members to intervene at the right time
Care orchestration tool which can be integrated into EHR to maximize the care delivery and meet the social needs as part of the care management plan
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Integrations for Social programs referrals through

Save Costs on serving the Medicaid - Medicare 

Follow-up with patients at the right times periodically, assisted by AI to ensure they receive the support they need and monitor evolving needs.

Periodic Standardized Social Determinants of health screening and medical needs screening

Improve Care Outcomes

Improve personalized referrals to resources and services offered by the health systems, third parties, and community-based organizations. You can choose to pair the application with your existing SDoH software to boost engagement in local resources or manage resources directly through Care Interface

Through automated standardized SDoH screening, low bandwidth technology, and omnichannel communication, you can capture social needs directly from individuals with higher frequency and quality. 
Our medical triage and health check platform captures the medical needs to form a complete clinical and social picture of the individual

Nudge the right Care team member at the right time to address medical and social needs

Seamlessly updating the data back into your systems and Mapping the SDoH, medical needs to the outcomes; our platform nudges the key stakeholders be it:

  • PCPs and CHWs at Community health centers /FQHCs or your health system or 

  • Case managers and Field Care coordinators at the Payer organizations

    to orchestrate the care coordination at the point of care and outside of the care setting.

Care Interface's AI is uniquely built to solve these challenges to navigate the patients to the right care at the right time

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Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 8.31.48 AM.png
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Used by Organizations Like

State Health Departments and Government Health bodies
Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 4.37.41 AM.png
Health systems 
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Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 4.38.56 AM.png

Improving Outcomes


Improvement in Primary care visits for the at risk population


Reduction in the ER visits 

49% improvement

Reduction in barriers more than race, navigating in-network care and Better Care satisfaction


Improvement in Followup visits and care plan adherence

Seamless interoperability to reduce time spent reaching patients and 
population subsets

SDoH Analytics Software

Care Interface is designed to work with or without an EMR integration. We integrate with NextGen, Epic, GE Centricity, Greenway Intergy, and AthenaHealth, in addition to patient population health tools Azara, i2i, and Relevant.

We offer a variety of options to ease the transfer of data including HL7, SFTP, API, and Web-based File Center. Our team will help identify the best way to integrate Care Interface into your workflow.

EHR: Epic, Cerner, AthenaHealth, GE + 12
Existing Outreach softwares

How it works?

From your health organization's  SDoH or EMR software or Care Interface Social Risk Landscape Platform, the at-risk population is identified and then our navigation technology does the job of personalized medical need understanding, connecting and managing care at scale

Triggered as a context-driven outreach to the specific Community members (recognized with Praktice SDoH Scanner Advanced Analytics Platform or using your health system's existing tools) 🛠 

Triaging and Screening powered by AI to understand the patients needs, navigate them realtime and close the care gaps

Patients interact with the intelligent assistant on their preferred medium like telephone or digital mediums

Autonomous followup to manage the care needs from time to time and notify the care teams on the medical status

Secure and trusted

Care Interface’s platform meets the highest certification standards for data security, privacy, and integrity, keeping your data safe.


We’re SOC-2 certified, HIPAA-certified, and independently audited on a routine basis.


Our platform is compliant with HIPAA, STU-3 & IHE profiles, and we’re a trusted partner to most major EMRs.


We’ve gone through rigorous security certifications from government agencies and other leading healthcare organizations.

Why CareInterface?

Focus on the Underserved
Reach patients on any mobile device type in English and culturally relevant Spanish at a 6th-grade reading level (or below) and through content designed to address the socioeconomic and clinical needs of patients.

Reach within the Safety Net
We are experts on care navigation strategies and help Leading healthcare organizations, and other safety-net organizations nationwide meet clinical and operational business goals.

Measurable Clinical Outcomes
With in-depth patient screening, personalized navigation, and care management we are driving health outcome improvements that can be measured in every clinical workflow

Experts in Navigation 

Our platform is built with medical, operational, SDoH data, and financial navigation elements to best bridge the care needs of the underserved


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Get the fully managed care navigation technology for at-risk communities to seamlessly drive care.

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