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Technology Infrastructure to improve outcomes for Medicaid, Medicare and uninsured Patients at scale for FQHCs

Automate, Coordinate, Intervene at the right moment to scale and improve the care outcomes for more Patients

Kid Getting Vaccinated

COVID-19 Vaccine

Moving people from vaccination hesitancy to action and adoption.

Through behavioral research, Care Interface truly understands members and their motivations for doing or not doing something, which is critical when encouraging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Solution


Care Interface changed the minds of 48% of people about getting vaccinated in a similar program.

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Identify and Address Social Determinants of Health

Personalized conversational interview to identify the social determinants of health

Social and Medical needs Navigation

Local community based autonomous Referral by Social Bot
Management of the referrals from real time tracking to closure of loop
Patient reported meeting of social needs
Nudges teams on the needs met, in progress and unmet

Navigating to screening tests, PCP visits and direct appointment booking
Visibility to providers and case managers at the point of care with EHR

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Kid Getting Vaccinated

Care Management

Drive better health outcomes by closing multiple gaps in care.

By simplifying the process and building in rewards, we can spark higher engagement rates from patients to manage their care.

Drive COVID Vaccine equity in the underserved communities and outcomes in care by preventing spread of covid.

Identifying Social needs affecting COVID Vaccine equity


Indexing needs realtime - autonomously into high, moderate and low priority needs


Educating residents of underserved communities in Roanoke Health District on the need for COVID vaccine and the implications in their preferred language at scale using our culturally competent Chatbot that works at no or low internet bandwidth


Addressing these Needs like NEMT Transport or Food or access impeding COVID vaccine equity by navigating to Community based organizations to fulfill these tasks


Booking COVID Vaccine appointments with the Community health centers or other health institutions within the community

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